Psych2Go Magazine

What is it?

Psych2Go Magazine is a publication series that features topics of mental health, and different elements of psychology-related news. I have always had an interest in science that closely focuses on elements of my life, so I thought creating a psychology magazine was something others could also connect to.

Psych2Go Magazine Issue #1

How an idea became a publication

After graduating from high school, I knew I always wanted to start my own side project. But it wasn’t until the summer of 2015, when I stumbled across a mental health post on Tumblr, that gave me the idea to create a magazine based around psychology.

I reached out to the account of the original post and connected with the founder of a small social media-based psychology company called Psych2Go. After proposing and getting approval to make a magazine in partnership with their company, I was able to source artists, writers, and graphic designers through a network of supporters and fans, largely from Facebook.

I remember there were many late nights messaging back and forth organizing, designing and delegating content with an international team of people I had brought together on the project. 

The publication series still exists, and you can follow its Facebook page here, or look at past issues featured on LinkedIn’s SlideShare here. I retired as editor-in-chief in late 2017 and decided to take a step back for my own mental health and for an opportunity to discover other passions.

Even though I don’t run the magazine anymore, I will always have so much love for this side project that I created from my bedroom at 19-years-old. With just a laptop, access to the internet, and an idea to spread awareness through a creative publication, I made something small that became accessible to a large community of people.