Photo Essays

Setting the Scene

From lights on in rehearsals, to more serious scenes spotlit in darkness, the cast in the University of Maryland play, “The Heidi Chronicles” are captured practicing for the live, main stage show from late March to early May 2019.

This essay follows elements of initial set-design planning, performers practicing, and stage crew setting up for rehearsals prior to the live performance. It takes a glance at the world of theatre and the teamwork it takes to make a production come to life.


WMUC Radio DJ: Jane Lyons

Jane Lyons introduces us to her morning college radio show called “Wake Up, Crack Up” that specifically features songs from Fleet Foxes’ album, “Crack-Up.”

Lyons goes through what it’s like to host a show at WMUC as a college student, and tells us about some of her favorite parts about being a member of the radio community.